Cisco CCNP Data Center Study Guide

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This is my study plan for the Cisco CCNP Datacenter.

The certification has four exams:

  • 300-175 DCUCI Exam -Unified Computing My 300-175 Study Guide
  • 300-165 DCII Exam -Infrastructure/networking
  • 300-170 DCVAI Exam -Virtual Automation

The above are all required, and either of the below

  • 300-160 DCID Exam -Designing Infrastructure
  • 300-180 DCIT Exam -Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, the exam has recently been updated which makes finding study resources difficult. Actually, it’s a good thing the exam has been updated as the old exam was really out of date and required studying of hardware and software that I defiantly won’t be implementing, even if I do come across them occasionally in my work. So it’s great that I have the opportunity to learn newer technology, but with the downside that there is more limited resources for study.

I signed up for Cisco’s Learning Center Videos, only to find that all the videos are for the old version of the exam, and not really helpful.

I usually like CBT Nuggets, but found that they to only have videos for the previous version of the exam. They do have a post outlining the differences with the new CCNP exam, but nearly a year later still don’t have any new courses.

I haven’t been able to find any guide books, so it looks like I’ll be studying the hard way: Review the exam topics, read the white papers and administration guides, then practice in labs. I generally prefer to have a more structured and efficient way to work towards an exam, but this will probably give me a more through understanding.